MAGOYOND: the details of the new Necropolis album - RADIO METAL

2022-12-07 14:52:04 By : Ms. Jenny J

French alternative metal band MAGOYOND will release their new album, titled Necropolis, on October 28, 2022 via M&O Music/Believe Digital.For the new opus, the group has again surrounded itself with the illustrators Arsenic & Boule de Gomme and Tony Lindgren for mastering as well as guest musicians.01. Prelude 02. The Order of Shadow 03. The Village 04. The Scarecrow Charnel Ground 05. Rise of the Necromancer 06. NECROPOLIS 07. Goliath Paradise 08. Monstapark 09. Catacombs 10. Rise of the Titans 11 . Be readyVideo clip of the song “The Order Of The Shadow”:Video clip of the song “Be Prepared”:JavaScript is currently disabled.In order to post a comment, please check that Cookies and JavaScript are enabled and then reload the page.Click here to learn how to enable JavaScript in your browser.And on October 21, release of the clip Goliath Paradise For those who don't know Magoyond yet, you have time until then to discover the first 2 albums (Pandemia and Kryptshow) and the clips on the group's YouTube channelIt looks like the skies have cleared up for Skid Row.After the Johnny years […]To survive.This is a word that suits Stratovarius well, he who has known many changes […]Now is not the time to stir up divisions for Disturbed.After an Evolution that wore well […]What if with The Door To Doom, Candlemass had found the door to success?[…]It's funny how a parallelism seems to persist between Candlemass and Avatarium: as in 2019, […]There are some who give the impression of never growing up.In 1992, Ugly Kid […]What if French rock came back to center stage?It's in […]To slow down.Such has been the state of mind of Tobias Sammet in recent years regarding his […]The avowed purpose of Strigoi – a project by Paradise Lost guitarist Gregor Mackintosh, created […]We don't stop Devin Townsend anymore.While it has been five years since he has been preparing such a […]When Christofer Johnsson has a project in mind, no matter how colossal, he sticks to it.It was […]It's not because we make instrumental music that we have nothing to say.[…]If he has retained a melancholic essence carried by his emblematic voice duo – Cristina […]At thirty years of past career, Clutch quietly continues its journey, with always these four […]To say that the release of Bukowski's new album has a bitter aftertaste is a […]When the four members of Alter Bridge met in Florida in 2022 to work […]It has now been ten years and four albums that singer Todd La Torre […]It has now been almost nine years since Jay Weinberg took over from Joey […]