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2022-12-07 14:32:03 By : Ms. Sunny Pan

IDEAOnline-Apart from being a roof frame, mild steel can also be applied as the main structure of a building.That is, the building frame that previously used concrete columns and beams was replaced with mild steel.The application of light steel wall framing is an integrated solution for the structural elements of a building, from columns, beams, to the roof structure.The material used for the mild steel frame is CRC (cold rolled coil) mild steel material.This type of steel has a tensile strength of 550 MPa (5500 kg/cm2).Because it has a tensile strength of 550 Mpa, mild steel is also called Hi-Ten G550 steel.Also Read: Wow!This hotel in Turkey is built on 35 thousand artifacts, the design 'floats' on steel columnsLight bajra illustration for wall framing.It's just that each manufacturer has a different type of coating.The light steel frame produced by Bluescope Lysaght is coated with zincalume which is a mixture of aluminum, zinc and silicon alloy.While products from J-Steel use three types of coating, ZAM (which is a mixture of zinc, aluminum and magnesium), galvanume (which is a mixture of zinc, aluminum and silicon), and galvanize.According to the Marketing Manager of PT Jaindo Metal Industries, a manufacturer of J-Steel lightweight steel frames, the advantage of using mild steel frames compared to using wooden frames is that the construction of the house becomes fast, termite resistant, corrosion resistant.Also Read: Use Iron Afraid of Corrosion? Do These Six Ways as a Solution!Illustration of mild steel for wall framing.Another advantage is flexibility when changing the room plan, because the frame can only be removed and moved.For supporting materials such as materials for walls, doors or windows, you can use materials that are commonly used.For the walls usually use gypsum panels (for the interior) or fiber cement panels (for the exterior).As for windows or doors, you can use materials from PVC (poly vinyl chloride) or aluminum.Also Read: Green Carport Cools the House, How to Choose Plants and Plan CreepingCheck other news and articles on Google NewsAdjar Bobo Bolanas Bolasport BolaStylo Smart Shopping GirlsBanget Fotokita Grid Fame Grid Games Grid Health Hot Grid Motor Grid Pop Grid Star Grid.ID Gridoto Hai Hits Hype iDEA Computer Info Intisari Digest Plus Champion Kids Kitchenesia MakeMac Motorplus Nakita National Geographic Nextren Nova Otofemale Otorace Otoseken Parapuan Delicious Serving Sportfeat Stylo Suar SuperBall Video Weeken Gridvoice GRID Story Factory Gramedia Digital KG Media